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Wine Bottle Bird Feeder & Wine Tasting

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder & Wine Tasting
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/ Wine Bottle Bird Feeder & Wine Tasting
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Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
& Wine Tasting 

Thursday, July 30th, 2020 6pm-8pm

Violas & Roses Bio
Violas & Roses was started five years ago out of the love of making old things new again, and finding a new purpose for forgotten gems. It is named after my daughters, each of them having beautiful floral family names we cherish. 
Violas & Roses is a home décor, event planning and workshop business.
We specialize in industrial farmhouse décor with cottage accents. Violas & Roses partners with surrounding communities for workshops, like Averill House Winery in Brookline.
We look forward to many successful events at Averill.


Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Workshop 
& Wine Tasting

Create a wine bottle bird feeder that'll become the perfect accent for the garden or home while enjoying a wine tasting!

Spend an evening at Averill House Vineyard with Violas & Roses designing your bird feeder made out of reclaimed wood and Averill wine bottles. Perfect accent for the garden, or home decor. 

Price will include: assembled wood bird feeder, bottle clamp, paint for your house, wine bottle and a starter bag of bird seed. During the class enjoy a wine tasting of 4 wines.
$50.00 per person