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We welcome wine-lovers, families, and their friends to enjoy and explore our winery, vines, and tasting room. We’re absolutely certain that you’re a taste away from finding your next New England favorite. 

Our wine samples include reds, whites,  fruit wines, blends, dessert , and limited edition wines. There is always a good selection of styles for everyone to enjoy!

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White Wines

Truly Evocative
Pronounced "Gah-Vertstra-Meaner" this refreshing light white wine teases your nose with its lovely floral bouquets of elderflower, then softens with fruity hints of lychee, finishing with lingering notes of comb fresh honey, Honey is locally sourced from Jim & Goldie's  just down the street here in Brookline, NH!
Cruche de Vin Blanc
French Colombard
Crisp aromas of pear gives way to the flavors of citrus, honeysuckle, and green apple in this approachable white. Its acidity lends a fresh and vaguely mineral quality to its semi-dry finish.
True Traveler
Enjoy the refreshing scent of sweetened white grapes & hints of ripe honeydew on the nose, followed by tangy notes of pink grapefruit ending in a clean , crisp, finish.
True Reasoning
This deliciously refreshing semi-dry white wine showcases the varietal's pure green apple, citrus, pear, and peach flavors. Strong floral aromas are balanced by acidity giving the wine it's crisp, mouthwatering character and minerality.
Sailors Respite
Sauvignon Blanc
South African white wine boasts unique qualities that set it apart from other white wines worldwide. It has rich undertones of tropical fruits, a grassy aroma, bright acidity, subtle minerality, and a zesty finish.
Apple of My Eye
Green Apple Riesling
This delicious white wine presents crisp, refreshing green apple notes with a pleasant initial tartness and a delicious, juicy finish.
True Belle
Peach Chardonnay
Fresh from the orchard to your glass with the luscious aromas of juicy peaches and un-oaked chardonnay grapes in this buttery semi-dry yet crisp blend.
True Tropical
Tropical Viognier
Pronounced “veen-YAY”, this is a crisp, semi-sweet that manages to keep its tropical profile at the forefront with a twist of pineapple and coconut. Take a sip of this tropical white wine and be transported to the island of your dreams. ​

Blush Wines

21 Averill Road
Zinfandel Blanc
This delicate, light-bodied, bright and dry crisp wine offers pomaceous fruits and plenty of citrus flavors. Spring blossoms fragrances and fresh notes of pear, and green apples. An easy texture balances the fruitiness that has a soft aftertaste.

Specialty Wines

Cherry Grape
Notes of tart cherry and grape refreshes the mouth with hints of early season black cherries, white grape pucker, and flower blossoms.
Victoria'a Day
Cherry | Cold Brew Coffee
Bold coffee and light cherry notes dance across your palette in this smooth and flavorful red. Infused with locally-sourced cold brew coffee from A&E Roastery, this is the perfect sipper for gifting, brunching, or treating yourself to an easy morning.

Sweet Wines

Mango Maple Moscato 
Juicy Moscato grapes and mangos blended to capture the aromas and flavors of the tropics with a New England twist. Bright notes of ripe mangos balanced by a crisp refreshing finish sweetened by local maple syrup from Goosebrook Meadows Sugar House, Harrisville, NH.
True Kiss
Strawberry Zinfandel
This semi-sweet wine is bursting with sun-kissed strawberries, balanced with crisp flavors of citrus, and succulent pear.
Keeping it Kiwi!
Kiwi | White Grape 
This lightly sweetened fruit-forward kiwi and white grape blend offers a refreshing electric bite of the kiwi berry fruit followed by a smooth & soothing sweetness.
True Tropical | Sweet
Tropical Viognier
Pronounced “veen-YAY”, this is a crisp, sweetness that keeps its tropical profile at the forefront with a twist of pineapple, honey, mango and coconut. Take a sip of this tropical white wine and be transported to the island of your dreams. ​
Sweet Blue
Local Blueberries | Concord Grapes
Additional sweetness transforms this red blend into a jammy take on our own True Blue wine, highlighting Hurricane Hill’s sun-ripened blueberries from the first sip to the last drop.

Red Wines

Truly Cinematic
Blackberry Pinot Noir
Enjoy a bold but juicy take on our semi-dry Pinot Noir blended with fresh blackberries. This rich red berry wine brings notes of delicate blackberries with a touch of cherry and warm spices.
Truly Current
Black Currant | Red Grape
The distinct sweet and tart note of black currants shine with a blend of red grapes. This light, semi-dry red will tease your tongue with lingering notes of red berries.
Bronceado en el Sol
Chilean Malbec
This semi-dry, barrel aged red stakes its claim with warm earthy tones and the bold red fruit flavors of cherry and plum. Add a touch of spice and a subtle violet finish.
True Champion | Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon | Free Run
A free run(un-pressed) full-bodied Cabernet, barrel aged for 12 months in American oak. This semi-dry Cab is fully loaded with dark fruity notes of black cherries and savory aromas of leather, tobacco.
Little Secret
This Italian treat teases the nose with scents of mixed berries, gentle essence of rose and a touch anise. Cherries and plum come forward on the palate, cascading into floral tones and a delicate tannin that dries the palate with a mild acidity, finishing with a smoky velvet.
Mono Chrome
Aromas of violets, peppercorns, black olives, herbaceous notes of Earl Grey tea with hints of tanned leather and smokey scents presents fruit-driven flavors of blackcurrant and sweetish impressions of licorice tease the palate.
Carménère stuns it's guests with it's dark crimson color and bold aromas of raspberry puree & fruity red berries. It adorns smooth semi-dry notes of black plums, tart cherries, hints of green peppercorns, and finishes with a medium mouth feel and fine grained tannins & minerality.
True Blue
Local Blueberries & Concord Grapes
Floral blend of local blueberries and red grapes, finely aged for 12 months in our American oak barrels. Aromas of oak caress the nose as hints of lightly sweetened NH grown blueberries tease the taste buds with their delicate herbal notes finishing with a dry but smooth mouth feel.

Truly Ours Red | Estate Grown

Frontenac | Concord
2021 Red Blend
Notes of fresh black pepper, a touch of balsamic, building to a mouthwatering tart cherry finish. Kissed with American oak and slightly acidic, 2021’s dry summer and with the help of mother nature have produced these complex qualities in our wine.
This dry red has natural aromas of intense oak and heavy tannins followed by notes of sharp tart cherries.
Named After a town in Quebec Provence, this cold-hardy grape has aromas of clove and notes of dark cherry with a light and warming finish.​

Truly Ours White | Estate Grown

Frontenac Blanc | Brianna
This medium-body white wine intense tartness of grapes, notes of floral bouquets, and caramelized pineapple, with it's juicy acidity provides great cutting freshness.
Estate White Blend
This semi-dry white is a refreshingly complex blend of our estate grown Niagara, Frontenac Blanc, Brianna, and Catawba grapes. Enjoy the bright aromas of white grape, delicate peach, and apple with hints of enticing citrus and quince jelly.

All wines listed are available for pre-orders and purchase on-site.