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Tasting Room Menu

We welcome wine-lovers, families, and their friends to enjoy and explore our winery, vines, and tasting room. We’re absolutely certain that you’re a taste away from finding your next New England favorite. 

Our wine samples include reds, whites,  fruit wines, blends, dessert , and limited edition wines. There is always a good selection of styles for everyone to enjoy!

White Wines

Truly Evocative
A delicate balance of acidic and sweet, with a citrus and elderflower nose followed by undercurrents of locally-sourced honey from Brookline's own Jim & Goldie's.
Cruche de Vin Blanc
French Colombard
Crisp aroma of pears give way to the flavors of citrus, honeysuckle, and green apple in this approachable white. Its acidity lends a fresh and vaguely mineral quality to its semi-dry finish.
True Reasoning
Deliciously refreshing, this highly aromatic semi-dry wine presents citrus and pear notes with hints of strong floral aromas.
True Belle
Peach Chardonnay
Luscious aromas of ripe juicy peaches, and un-oaked buttery chardonnay grapes create a refreshing crisp  flavorful blend.
True Tropical
Tropical Viognier
This mild dry bodied viognier blended with tropical notes of honey, coconut, and mango. Creating a tropical paradise in every sip. 

Sweet Wines

Craven Cranberry
Cranberry | White Grape
A semi-sweet white cranberry wine balanced with smooth, crisp notes of cranberries and a lively finish.
Apple of My Eye
Green Apple Watermelon Riesling
Sensational aromas of clean, cool, crisp green apples and a hint of watermelon with sweeping florals. 
Mango Maple Moscato 
Juicy moscato grapes and mangos blended  to capture the aromas and flavors of the tropics. Bright notes of ripe mangos balanced by a crisp refreshing finish sweetened by local maple syrup.
Keeping it Kiwi!
Kiwi | White Grape 
Displaying a lightly sweetened dry, fruit-forward  bodied kiwi and white grape blend. This ripe tropical fruit presents electric citrus notes, and a green herbaceousness.
Sweet Moonlight
Raspberry Maple Merlot
he flavors of sun-ripened sweet raspberry, notes of dark fruity merlot, with a hint of blossoms, infused with maple syrup creating a deep sweetness and balanced flavors. Locally sourced Maple Syrup from Goosebrook Meadows Sugar House located in Harrisville, NH.

Blush Wines

Truly Ours Rose
Concord, Catawba & Niagara | Estate Grown
This dry wine is light and bright on the palette introducing a sharp instant note of juicy grapefruit followed by the refreshing flavors of mixed stone fruits. 
21 Averill Road
Zinfandel Blanc
This delicate, light-bodied, bright and dry crisp wine offers hints of pomaceous fruits and plenty of citrus flavors. Spring blossoms fragrances and fresh notes of pear, and green apples.

Red Wines

Truly Cinematic
Blackberry Pinot Noir
Enjoy the bold but juicy intensity of a blackberry, the rich, and silky smooth notes of cherry and berry spices of the pinot noir.
Bronceado en el Sol
Chilean Malbec
A full-bodied barrel-aged red wine, with dark fruity flavors of blackberry, plums, sweet cherry, spice, licorice and deep bittersweet notes.
True Champion 
Cabernet Sauvignon 
A full-bodied barrel-aged red wine, with dark fruity flavors of black cherries and savory aromas of leather, tobacco, and notes of earthiness.
Little Secret
This Italian treat teases the nose with scents of mixed berries, gentle essence of rose and a touch of anise. Cherries and plum come forward on the palate, cascading into floral tones and a delicate tannin that dries the palate with a mild acidity, finishing with a smoky velvet that leaves you longing for more.
Bold aromas of raspberry puree & fruity red berries. It adorns smooth semi-dry notes of black plums, tart cherries, hints of green peppercorns, and finishes with a medium mouth feel with fine grained tannins & minerality.
True Blue
Blueberry  | Red Grape
Fresh from farm to the bottle! This herbaceous blend of blueberries from Hurricane Hill in Mason, NH with red grapes has been barrel-aged in American oak since 2020. Floral on the nose with a touch of acidity, the blueberry flavor builds with each sip, staying true to the taste of a sun-soaked early harvest. Stave off the winter blues with this delicious reminder of the spring to come!.
Truly Ours Red
Frontenac | Estate Grown Red Blend
This 2018 estate grown full-bodied, sharp oak barrel-aged wine, with dark fruity flavors of blackcurrant, plums, sweet cherry, and deep bittersweet notes of chocolate making a smooth, red wine.

All wines listed are available for pre-orders and purchase on-site.