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Tasting Room Menu

We welcome wine-lovers, families, and their friends to enjoy and explore our winery, vines, and tasting room. We’re absolutely certain that you’re a taste away from finding your next New England favorite. 

Our wine samples include reds, whites,  fruit wines, blends, dessert , and limited edition wines. There is always a good selection of styles for everyone to enjoy!

White Wines

Truly Ours White
Local NH Grown Grapes 2018
Aurore, Espirit, LaCrosse, Marquis, Reliance & Swenson
Indulge in this semi-dry, full bodied, white wine releases refreshing flavors and vibrant fruity aromas. Notes of lime, tangerine, and floral round the mouth, backed up by flavors of stone-fruit, peach, and melon.
True Belle
Peach Chardonnay
Luscious aromas of ripe juicy peaches, and un-oaked buttery chardonnay grapes create a refreshing crisp  flavorful blend.
Aloha Sunrise
Brianna Grapes
A dry, medium bodied wine emphasizing it's refreshing, moderate acidity, and floral bouquet. Flavors of herbs, pink grapefruit and pineapple.
True Tropical
Tropical Viognier
This mild dry bodied viognier blended with tropical notes of honey, coconut, and mango. Creating a tropical paradise in every sip. 

Sweet Wines

Craven Cranberry
Cranberry A semi-sweet white cranberry wine balanced with smooth, crisp notes of cranberries and a lively finish.
Sweet Night
Cherry Wine &  Maple 
Rich notes of sweet red cherries sweetened by local  maple syrup from GooseBrook Meadow Farms.
Sweet Moonlight 
Raspberry Maple Merlot
Raspberry Merlot sweetened by local maple syrup from Goose Brooke Meadow Farms.

Red Wines

True Champion 
Cabernet Sauvignon | Reserve
Free Run | A full-bodied barrel-aged red wine, with dark fruity flavors of black cherries and savory aromas of leather, tobacco, and notes of earthiness.  
Bronceado en el Sol
Chilean Malbec
A full-bodied barrel-aged red wine, with dark fruity flavors of blackberry, plums, sweet cherry, spice, licorice and deep bittersweet notes.
Truly Ours Red
Estate Grown Red Blend: Frontenac
This 2019 estate grown full-bodied, sharp oak barrel-aged wine, with dark fruity flavors of blackcurrant, plums, sweet cherry, and deep bittersweet notes of chocolate making a smooth, red wine.


Blush Wines

Truly Primo
Blush Zinfandel
Notes of berries that tease the nose while a strawberry, spices, and a savory hint of oak dances on the palette. The wine is lipstick pink in color, nicely textured and finishes dry with pleasant acidity and a flavorful finish.
Truly Ours Rose
Concord, Catawba & Niagara
Smell the beautiful aromas of our estate grown and locally sourced concord grapes as they hit the nose followed by a hint of tartness and light kiss of sweetness. This 3 grape blend has been carefully paired together for a balanced semi-sweet Rosé.

Peculiar Tastes!

True Mellow
Watermelon Merlot
This refreshing blush presents a semi-tart juicy watermelon rind infused with merlot grapes, crafted with notes of hops, oak, and mulled spices.
Victoria's Day
Cherry Cold Brew
Smooth and flavorful fresh ripened cherry wine infused with Cold Brew Coffee from A&E Coffee.

All wines listed are available for pre-orders and purchase on-site.