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Our Story

Averill House Vineyard, nestled in the Historic Ice District of Brookline, NH, has been owned and operated by the Waite Family since July 2015. Their journey into winemaking began in 2012 when Bob Waite, the family patriarch and head vintner, received a thoughtful gift from his daughter Stephanie: six vines of three varietals from Lowes. As these vines flourished, the family's passion for winemaking ignited, leading to the transformation of a rustic 1830s New England barn into a fully functioning winery, complete with a tasting room, production center, and stone-insulated wine cellar.

In 2015, Elizabeth joined the team as General Manager, bringing her culinary expertise as a Chef to create unforgettable food events, wine pairings, and dinners. Stephanie transitioned into the role of Account Manager and Outside Event Coordinator in 2022, further enhancing the vineyard's outreach and community engagement. Jake followed suit, assuming the position of head winemaker in 2023, adding his creative touch to the vineyard's wine-making process.

Over the years, the vineyard has expanded to encompass roughly 500 cold-climate vines, featuring eleven different varietals. In 2021, notable additions such as a production room, seasonal heated igloos, and an event tent were introduced, enriching the vineyard's offerings and providing guests with memorable experiences. Amidst the two-acre expanse lie inviting patio areas, providing the perfect setting for picnics and leisurely wine enjoyment.

Averill House Vineyard prides itself on cultivating an unassuming, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere, encouraging guests to explore and savor wines at their own pace. With a steadfast commitment to organic growing and preparation methods, the Waite family sources from the bountiful New England farmland, ensuring each sip reflects the region's natural richness and their unwavering dedication to quality.

They can’t wait until you make a stop by the winery and make Averill House vineyard a part of your day exploring historic Brookline, wether its hiking at Andres Art Institute, throwing clay at Clay Alchemy, enjoy afternoon tea at The Cozy Tea Cart, or a visit to the Ice Museum