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Notes of sweet ripe strawberries blended with white zinfandel with a hint of oak for a perfectly balanced, fruity blush wine.

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/ Strawberry Zinfandel 750mL
SKU: TrueKiss

This sweet bodied viognier blended with tropical notes of honey, coconut, and mango. Creating a tropical paradise in every sip.

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/ Tropical Viognier 2019
SKU: TropicalViognier2019

Rich notes of sweet red cherries and local browned mape syrup.

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/ 375mL
SKU: 375mL

The flavors of sun-ripened sweet raspberry, notes of dark fruity merlot, with a hint of blossoms, infused with maple syrup creating a deep sweetness and balanced flavors. 

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/ Raspberry Maple Merlot
SKU: SweetMoonlight