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Off the Clock Photographer Meet & Greet
Jason Lane from Pictoriographica

Off the Clock Photographer Meet & Greet
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Saturday, June 29th at 5:30pm

About Jason Lane, owner of Pictoriographica

I am an optical engineer by profession, traditionally lens design but now coordinating new developments as a lead systems engineer.  I have designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested optics and imaging systems for almost 20 years in various industries

Maker and supplier of fine photographic dry plate negatives and other artisan photographic media. We bring late 19th Century photography back to life.


Bringing Early Photography to the Modern Era

Meet & Greet Jason Lane, Owner of Pictoriographica

Join Averill House Vineyard on Saturday, June, 29th at 5:30pm to welcome the work of Jason Lane, owner of Poctoriographica meet & greet. We will be showcasing various shots of his dry plate photography. Stop in and enjoy a glass or tasting of wine and light snack while taking in the beautiful photos of bringing the late 19th century photography back to life! 
We've had the pleasure of getting to know local Brookliner Jason and wife Kelly Lane since the opening of opening Averill House and are excited to share our 1830's barn walls with his stunning shots using the dry plate method. 
Jason will also have his large format camera set up to view! How cool!
We look forward to seeing you!

About Pictoriographica:
In December 2017, after 2 ½ years of working with dry plate, I decided to put three boxes of 4x5 plates up for sale in the classified section of  These were extra plates that I didn’t think I would get around to using due to my work schedule.  To my surprise, the boxes sold in 15 minutes and I was inundated with requests for more.  Thus, Pictoriographica spontaneously came into being over Christmas break, 2017.   I spent my vacation time from my day job coating plates day and night, clearing out space in the basement to create a production area, and scrambling to find packing boxes to ship the plates out.  The support and interest from the photographic community has continued to grow since that unexpected start, and it has been great to help re-establish dry plate as a viable alternative photographic process. 

With its first year in business in the history books, Pictoriographica continues to grow:  I now employ two additional part-time helpers:   Local high school students with their own passion for photography who are interested in something different than the traditional high school jobs.  They help cut and prep glass and coat plates, and are quickly demonstrating the young adult's aptitude for learning new skills.  This frees me up for -- well, a decent night's sleep for one thing, but also research and development into new and exciting variations on our standard dry plate offering. 

J. Lane Dry Plates resurrect the look of early 1880s un-sensitized silver gelatin emulsions, which were mostly coated by hand using similar methods as mine.  This was a critical time in the development and mass marketing of photographic negatives, and many of the world’s first amateur photographers took their first photographs on dry plates very similar to ours.  With the advent of sensitized emulsions (orthochromatic, panchromatic) and other advances in emulsion engineering, these original silver gelatin emulsions were lost to time and no longer produced by anyone until today.   I plan to offer this emulsion for as long as there is an interest, filling the hole in photography that has been left behind in the name of progress.