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Photography Class & Tasting

Photography Class & Tasting
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/ Getting out of Auto camera class and Wine tasting
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Getting out of Auto Camera Workshop 

& Wine Tasting

Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Join MCAG Photography and Averill House Vineyard for a morning of photography and wine tasting!

During the class MCAG Photograhoy will be going to go over the exposure triangle and teaching you the basics about how light works with those 3 functionsand to teach beginner photo enthusiasts how to have more control over the images they take.

After an hour class you will be able to taste some delicious wine!

This is a 21+ event.

Class starts at 10 am, please arrive 10 minutes prior to check in.

Please bring your own camera and tripod if you have one.

Must have a minimum of 5 people attending to host. 10 participants maximum.

$40 per person includes the class and wine tasting!

Biography on MCAG
We live for those little moments of pure happiness and love that are filled with continuous laughter and smiles. Throughout our time together we strive to create natural photographs that depict your life as it is and capture as many moments as we can. We love meeting new families and couples and feel blessed each time we are chosen to be a part of our families/couples lives.
We had each been practicing photography for many years before deciding to build a brand together and quickly found out how awesome it is to have a permanent second shooter. We love outdoor sessions and we encourage our families/couples to engage with each other just as much, if not more than they do with us. We love laughing and smiling along with you throughout our time together and truly cherish your images as if we have known you our whole lives. Each session/wedding holds a very special place in our hearts.‚Äč