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AAV Certificate

AAV Certificate
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/ Adopt-A-Vine Certificate
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A perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life!

 Adopt-A-Vine Certificate $119

Recieve a certificate to become a Member of the Adopt-A-Vine program and be a part of Averill House Vineyard history. Follow the progress and journey of the vine as they bud and flourish until being harvested. Then follow the juice along its travel to becoming one of New Hampshires favorite wine.

How does your Adoption help Averill House Vineyard?

Each adoption allows us to plant and grow another vine. Each vine will need lots of love its first few years and we find an adoption does just that. Proud vine parents come often to talk with thier vine, provide a little extra water in the summer or just sit down and have a conversation and enjoy the day. In the winter you may want to put on some snow shoes to visit your vine, but it will love seeing you. We now have Kiwi vines for an extra special adoption. Bring a camera or a paint brush and canvas for an exceptional visit.

What will I get along with my Adoption?

-One tour both years for up to four adults (Kids are free to join)

-Wine tasting for up to four adults both years

-Two years of vine adoption 

-Certification of vine adoption

-Varietal selection of your choice. Pick from over 11 varietals grown on property.

-Personalized and numbered engraved plaque

-A pair of Averill House Vineyard wine glasses, Pick from stem or stemless wine glasses.

-Special Opportunities for events and discounts (10% on gift shop items)

-Two tickets for the Wine Masters Holiday Event

-Bottle of wine each year (Valued at $25) 

How Does this help an Elephant?

Part of every merchandise sale we make goes to support the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The Elephant Sanctuary is a voluntary project that provides refuge to Asian and African elephants. Elephants are not caged there and are allowed to stay in their natural habitat.